mercredi 24 décembre 2014

Spoiler Alert - BS #00

Well, this is an attempt to cope with my procrastination illness. By writing in this blog, I have the hope to contain myself and, so to speak, to work properly on my longtime amateurish projects. I'm not sure it will work, as I tend to find myself a new passion a day ... but we'll see !

I go by the name of TekVila, which means in some sort of broken Slavic language, "The faerie of technologie". However, I'm French and not of Slavic origin to my knowledge (I may have some North African ancestors and have for sure Armorican ones.) I studied Serbo-Croatian and Polish languages at the university, and took my current nickname at this time. I chose to keep it after stumbling on this youtube video.

While officially studying computer sciences, I took classes of Art History, Language and Law (but not to the point of a Martin Page character [French link]). So, now, I'm almost incompetent in about everything and competent in nothing* except creating fantasies.

*If you are a recruiter tracking me, please don't consider that as a fact. I may be useful for some things.