vendredi 21 août 2015

NoiseDisk - Compjoetania (MSX2, 1993)

Yesterday I was playing Antarctic Adventure and Penguin Adventure on MSX, when, while resting myself after the tenth game over on each of them, I stumbled upon the rom of this disk. And ... I was hooked by these loops. Infinity, No Limit and Experience particularly. This musicdemo was composed by Compjoetania, a dutch group of the MSX scene back in the 90s.

  1. Hapert, C.O.C.
  2. Fameous (Cover of Irene Cara's "Fame")
  3. Bartheme (Original??)
  4. Psychocentric
  5. Septicaemia
  6. Parodius (Cover of Parodius' "Boss BGM", itself based on Rimsky-Korsakov's "Flight of the Bumblebee")
  7. Space Manbowing
  8. Palace O.D.
  9. Theme 2 (Original??)
  10. Metallics
  11. Ode to Moonsoft
  12. Infinity (Cover of Guru Josh's song)
  13. Verdomd Alleen
  14. Eggchange
  15. PSV UH? G
  16. Ode to Impact (Cover of  Louis Armstrong's "What a Wonderful World")
  17. Funky Strohalm
  18. Theme 3 (Original??)
  19. Experience
  20. Trolletaal
  21. No Limit (Cover of 2 Unlimited's song)
  22. Ruud Theme 205 (Original??)
I've identified some of the tracks (to date, 5 out of 22) and I suppose that at least four of them are original (Theme 2 & Theme 3, since their numbering occurs through several of Compjoetania's disks, Bartheme which may refer to Compjoetania's Bart Roymans and Ruud Theme 205 which seems to be the work of Ruud van de Moosdijk). If you're passing by and you do recognize one of the unidentified covered song, please feel free to leave a comment. Thanks.